The Klinik, 16 Devonshire Row, London, EC2M 4RH

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07951 740423

£115 per hour

If you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid issue, but despite prescribed medication and “normal” blood results, you still feel sluggish, stressed and sick, perhaps with weight gain, extreme and unrelenting fatigue, constant brain fog, mild/severe joint pains, sleep issues, mood swings….. or if you have any of those symptoms and know there’s something wrong but your GP says your blood test results are “normal”, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m a nutritional therapist with over 10 years experience helping clients identify their underlying health issues. Whether you need diet and lifestyle advice, accurate and detailed testing such as blood tests (thyroid profiles, iron/B12/folate deficiencies, inflammation), saliva tests (adrenal cortisol levels), stool tests (leaky gut, parasite infestations, candida overgrowths), or food intolerance tests (available by bioresonance or blood), or if you just need someone to hold your hand on the winding road to optimal health, then call me, email me, or complete this form TODAY so that we can discuss your future.

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