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4 Ways Adrenal Fatigue is Sabotaging Your Energy

4th April, 2017

Adrenal Fatigue is a troublesome syndrome that affects millions. It occurs when your adrenal glands fail to produce the levels of cortisol your body needs to get you through ongoing, or chronic, stressful situations. It plays havoc with your body and your life. Insufficient cortisol has a profound impact on your organs, metabolism, cardiovascular system, fluid and electrolyte balance, and your heart. Even your sex drive is compromised. Many of these changes occur on a cellular or biochemical level, as…

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Auto-Immune Thyroid Support

5 facts you need to know about your thyroid, that many thyroid experts think are myths

30th November, 2016

When you first got your thyroid diagnosis from your doctor, you were probably full of questions and desperate to know how and why this happened to you! Your doctor probably reassured you that thyroid dysfunction is just something that happens to a lot of people, particularly women, and told you that the solution to your thyroid issues lies in a small daily pill that will be prescribed to you for the rest of your life, containing synthetic thyroid hormones. Any symptoms that continued once…

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Why I’ve ditched my smartphone, and maybe you should too!

27th July, 2016

What does being connected mean to you? From the moment I started my business 10 years ago, it meant constant access my emails at all hours of the day. I started with a Blackberry, then a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, before eventually moving to an iPhone. Having the world in my pocket seemed the ultimate solution to running a business whilst juggling college, a family home and all the chores it brings with it, and 2 young children. But recently…

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Nine things you probably haven’t tried for dealing with sleep deprivation

1st January, 2016

Happy new year everyone! For the first time in 6 years, I stayed up last night to see in 2016 with my partner. Our children went to bed at 10pm (3 hours past their bedtime) so it seemed reasonable to assume they would sleep in this morning, and we could get away with staying up for a whole 3 hours past our bedtime too… Oh, what a mistake. They were up bright and early before 7am, which is almost an…

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5 reasons to love your Monday

18th May, 2015

I didn’t always love Mondays. 15 years ago the job I was doing was so stressful, and the hours so long Monday-Friday, that I would try to give myself food poisoning on Sundays in order to avoid going to work on Mondays – it never worked and my negativity was definitely affecting my health! But I came to realise that if I couldn’t avoid Mondays, then I’d just have to learn to love them (and maybe change jobs – but…

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