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Why real food doesn’t have ingredient labels

10th August, 2016

Take a walk round any local supermarket, and you’ll see various foods in brightly coloured packages screaming their various health claims at you: “sugar-free”, “diet”,  “zero”, “no artificial colours or flavours”, “low fat”, “fat-free” and so on. We’re constantly being told we eat too much sugar, too much fat, too many E-numbers, and so these perfectly packaged products must be the answer, right? But read behind these marketing claims and there’s a high chance you will a less-than-healthy food inside that packaging.…

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Nine things you probably haven’t tried for dealing with sleep deprivation

1st January, 2016

Happy new year everyone! For the first time in 6 years, I stayed up last night to see in 2016 with my partner. Our children went to bed at 10pm (3 hours past their bedtime) so it seemed reasonable to assume they would sleep in this morning, and we could get away with staying up for a whole 3 hours past our bedtime too… Oh, what a mistake. They were up bright and early before 7am, which is almost an…

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How I got my kids to eat (and love) their vegetables

18th September, 2015

They may be the offspring of a nutritionist, but my kids are still kids. Just like every other kid (and most grown-ups too) they don’t think twice about eating sugary foods if offered to them, especially chocolates and sweets, and a bowl of chips wouldn’t last 5 minutes in front of my youngest. But at mealtimes, they eat their vegetables, and they eat them well. There’s no fussing or refusing. I don’t dye them strange colours or cover them in cheese.…

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